Emmanuel standing with arms crossed in front of a green field

Emmanuel is Chair of the Aboabo Community Committee. He lives with his parents in the village and manages the Community Information Centre. We spoke to Emmanuel on the day he had arranged for villagers to convene on the building-site to help the Village by Village team with the new Clinic. He explains why the charity is making such a difference in his community and why he’s pleased to be involved.

Emmanuel tells us that Village by Village has made a real and sustained impact in Aboabo. Projects here include: clean water and hand hygiene initiatives in School; building and running the Creche; and now, constructing a new Clinic with a ward, office, storage space, and dispensary. Emmanuel spells out how vital a primary Clinic is for Aboabo and other surrounding villages. People here die unnecessarily because they cannot get medical treatment quickly enough. Preventable deaths due to fever (from malaria, cholera, diarrhoea for example) and complications in childbirth happen all too often. Emmanuel is sure that the new Clinic will put an end to this and save lives.

I am so pleased with the response today – there must be at least 70 people here - such a good turn-out! Everyone wants to help. You can see the Community is excited about the new Clinic, sometimes we find it hard to get things done on our own. Village by Village has provided the finance, knowledge and expertise for several critical projects. They have made a big difference here. Two children have died recently in the village because of a lack of access to primary care. I cannot express how important this new Clinic is to us, to saving lives. Thank you.

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