My name is Beatrice, I am 11 years old.

People like YOU have changed my life

Beatrice lives in a remote rural village in the Eastern Region of Ghana, called Abenta.

She is cheeky and inquisitive but bright and she loves school, she wants to be a nurse.

There was an outbreak of Cholera in her village killing several people. She was highly vulnerable because her family did not have a toilet or hand washing facilities at their home or in the school she attended.

How Village by Village is making a difference for Beatrice

She has been a participant of our Clean Hands Saves Lives project and now understands about germs and the importance of hand washing with soap.

She now has a toilet and a hand washing station at her local school.

She likes singing and doing the dance to the Clean Hands Saves Lives song and she is still going to school!

There are lots of Beatrices who are highly vulnerable, urgently needing to understand the importance of hand washing with soap.

Because of pandemics like COVID 19 & Ebola we need to reach them very soon.

Will you be a part of long-term change, by making a donation today?

With your support, communities like Beatrice’s are working together to make children’s lives better.

Every day, millions of children around the world face injustice and violence. Too many families are struggling amid a cost of living crisis.

But there is hope… Village by Village is a community-led organisation that works with children on effective, long-term solutions to fight poverty and injustice – like education, health care, water and sanitation. These practical interventions help boys and girls to invest in their futures, claim their rights and become leaders of change in their communities. 

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Make a BIG impact by funding an entire project

Here are just a few of the life-changing projects you can fund. Reach out to us for more information about project impact, provision and costs.


Clean hands saves lives project

Up to 8,400 children provided with facilities and taught the importance of hand-washing with soap, providing behavioural change for a longer-term impact.

CHSL project in one village £5,552

Early years feeding and education project

Our "Early Years Feeding” program is nothing short of a lifeline for the most vulnerable - children under the age of 4 in remote rural villages.

It's a mission fueled by compassion, driven by necessity, and empowered by your support.

One year programme £12,279

Build a school or health clinic

Educating children increases economic growth, promotes gender equality, improves health, and enhances social development.  

Provide a way out of entrenched poverty through education and early health interventions.

From £24,738 per project

If you would like to change the lives of these children in need or require more information please contact our CEO Neil Kerfoot on 07887 87 0090 or