We are a registered charity looking for individuals to make a meaningful contribution.

Village by Village & Gapmonth work in remote rural villages living in poverty in Ghana, West Africa. Volunteering will probably be one of the most worth while things that you ever do so make it count. Tourists do not get to go to the villages we reach. 100% of the money you raise goes directly to the charity. Why not see what you could do?

You only have to fundraise £1,000 (1,100 Euro), we know it sounds a lot but for a month of adventure in the jungles of West Africa and a life time of amazing memories it’s not. Ask a local business for a donation, do a sponsored walk, shave your head, start a pub quiz and in no time at all you will have raised the funds. 100% of that money goes as a direct donation to the charity. Book on any team start date for a duration of 2-12 weeks in 2 week blocks.
(Call 07887 87 0090 if you want to go for longer than 4 weeks)


Get out there and light up young people’s lives. You can make a positive difference to the next generation. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher (no TEFL required but you can do more if you do) to volunteer on our English teaching project. English is Ghana’s official language. You will work in a remote rural community school teaching English at various levels and abilities in a village in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. Most children can just about speak English but need help and confidence in speaking, writing and reading. As well as teaching English, the school often needs help in teaching after school classes in maths and other subjects you can also get involved with the baby weighting too if you wish,

……Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


Build a brighter future for some of the world’s poorest communities, roll up your sleeves and get directly involved living and working with locals. Volunteers on our building projects don’t need to be specialist builders. You just need to have the enthusiasm and have an appetite for hard work. If the idea of getting your hands dirty, bonding with new friends, burning some calories whilst getting a tan appeals, then a building project could be the most rewarding volunteer adventure for you. You may get directly involved in building; schools, clinics, libraries and water and sanitation projects in remote rural villages normally surrounded on all sides by lush jungle.

…..Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


Football mad African children reach the very heart of the local community you will be living in. Share your passion for sport by coaching enthusiastic, often very talented 8-18 year old Ghanaian school children. Our rural village sports programme seeks to add fun and excitement to the lives of those living in poverty as well as the possibility of finding the continent’s next great sports star!. You’ll coach football, volleyball, rounders and other sports. Your presence will give children the opportunity to get involved with sports by organising tournaments giving coaching advice. You will attract a great deal of attention and after a few days most volunteers have a small gathering of kids following them around wanting to hold their hand. If you love playing sport and are interested in sport development, a coaching opportunity is the perfect project for you!  You have never truly watched a football match until you have watched one in Ghana. Football is the number one sport in Ghana and borders on religion for the majority of its population.

….Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


You can make a positive difference to the next generation. This opportunity offers volunteers with a genuine fondness of children who want to experience what it feels like to help develop underprivileged children. Working with staff from the local Health Clinic ensures the youngest community members are happy healthy and getting stronger every day. You will work a few days a month at the local Health Clinic in the town of Mangosea and then venturing out to remote rural villages to conduct monitoring and health checks (baby weighing) in the surrounding rural villages not easily accessible by road. This is a very rewarding role and could be done in conjunction with another volunteering opportunity.

….. Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


On the side of a valley in the lush surroundings of a sub-Saharan rain forest, join our local farming team to work on our growing three acre chilli pepper farm. Depending on the time of year you could be harvesting, watering, transplanting or weeding. A basic grasp of gardening/farming would enhance this opportunity but is not essential. Within the Ghanaian team we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the local fauna and flora. Learn from Jampoo, our Head Gardener what makes a difference between a good and a bad crop.*This is an additional to another volunteering role.

…. Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


Within the lush surroundings of a sub-Saharan rain forest, under the watchful eye of the setting African sun, learn the traditional way to pound cassava, prepare and cook several different Ghanaian meals from one of the village’s most respected cooks. Make wonderfully tasty dishes like “Red Red”, “Waakye” and “Fufu”. Learn about the different West African spices, fruits and vegetables. A basic grasp of cooking would enhance this opportunity but is not essential. Enjoy the madness of the weekly food market whilst buying the freshest ingredients and learn to haggle with the help of a master. Visit a local farm and see how the main ingredients are grown. Whilst all the time being mindful there maybe up to 15 hungry but very grateful volunteers to feed. *This is an additional to another volunteering role.

….Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


Really want to make a difference? Men and boys are mainly setting the social norms and values around girls and women and we recognise that both boys and girls can be the change makers of a communities’ attitude towards women & girl empowerment. So we need both male and female volunteers to talk one-to-one, or in groups to young girls and boys living in villages in poverty and address issues around the importance of education, contraception, teenage pregnancy aimed at empowering girls living in remote rural villages. We have training workbooks and a mentoring project that fits around this volunteering opportunity. *This is an additional to another volunteering role.

…Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.


Got the eye for a great image? Africa is bursting with vibrant colourful imagery just waiting for that perfect shot and imagery is one of the more vital ways we can explain how important the charity is to those people living in poverty. Enjoy nothing more than catching that unbelievable picture or footage that evokes an emotion within you and which is then saved as a moment in time forever! You do not need a fancy camera (but if you have one you are welcome to bring it) or have just finished a photography degree, just a keen eye and the ability to know a good photo opportunity. We will have a laptop, camera and an outline for some video and photos we need taking. A lot of the work we do will involve taking photos of children so be prepared to be patience as the kids love having their photos taken. This is a rewarding role and could be done in conjunction with another volunteering opportunity.

….Call to find out more 0161 870 6300.

Former Volunteer’s Quotes

India Duffy, 18, Gap Year Student, Cambridge, England
“The people and staff really made the trip great with their kindness and care. I thought it would be a lot harder to adjust but they are more then happy to help you with anything from cooking to organising days out. I had a lovely time as a sports volunteer. The kids I taught were a laugh and eager to learn. I hope to come back in the near future and help out again” – March 2020

Matt Willoughby & Ged McPartlin, 33, Builders, Manchester, England
“My week with Village by Village was amazing: The hospitality of the team to the welcoming of the locals. From having a couple of beers of a night to going to the pub on the last evening. This experience has been highly humbling and will be recommend to many friends.” – Feb 2020

Matthew Johnson, 24, Minnesota, USA
“This was my first time here in Ghana and doing volunteer work outside of America. I could not have asked for a better experience and have enjoyed every day that I was here. I have met so many interesting people who incredible lives that will stick with me. One day hopefully soon I would love to come back and see everyone again and see all the great changes i know VbyV will help bring to this incredible place. ” – Feb 2020

Kathy Foster, 61, Retired, England
“A truly immersive experience, great to live and work within the community, some of the friendliest people you could meet. Very clean and hygienic, though obviously basic. Extremely impressed with VbyV’s transparency and attention to detail, a really well run charity. I took the After School art and craft sessions, always lively! It was great to see how much the kids enjoyed art, normally limited by lack of resources. Will leave with sadness but some great memories!” – Feb 2018

Richard Foster, 62, Retired, England
“Village by Village is a charity that clearly is doing great work for the poor and needy children in Ghana and I would highly recommend anyone to volunteer.” – Feb 2020

Miriam Horngrenn Ayed, 24, Video Director, Sweden
“This has been really great for me. I didn’t know what to expect. But the people of Village by Village made me feel very safe and welcome from get go. Being out like this with limited stuff and surrounded with nature is super enjoyable itself. But at the same time doing something to improve the lives of people living in poverty. And getting to know them, seeing how it really is. I would recommend it to anyone, you easily get caught up in ridiculous things back home. I love how open everyone has been to take part of your thoughts during this stay. And making sure everyone feels good and understands what we are doing here. Hope to come back here again and will stay engaged with this passionate organisation.” – Jan 2020

Dawn Porteous, 45, England
“My experience here has definitely been life changing in a very positive way. The work VbyV do is heartfelt and passionate which shows through. These kids need all the help we can give and education. The steps you guys are making is inspirational. There have been times when I have felt heartbroken at circumstances here but I leave knowing that change is happening for the better. The team are incredible and my experience has definitely been better than anticipated.” – Oct 2020

Louise Garcia, 33, Administrator, England
“Wow just wow!! I have had the time of my life – i can’t believe how much fun i’ve had. I didn’t have a clue what to expect and it has completely blown my mind. The people amaze me in every way. Village by Village have made this experience the best it could possibly be. I couldn’t thank you enough” – May 2019

Aoife McCarthy, 25, Nurse, Ireland
“My time in Abenta with Village by Village has been absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much during my four weeks here and genuinely believe my experiences here have changed me as a person and will play a part in shaping my future. I’ve loved every minute of being on this team and have formed some strong friendships which I know will continue long after the project ends. It was really rewarding feeling that I could contribute in some small way to the community through the various jobs and roles I’ve taken here. In particular I’ll miss the most beautiful, amazing and happiest children I’ve ever met.” – February 2019

Laura Mackley 27, Business Development, Ipswich
“Having worked in a company that specializes in insurance for volunteers that work all over the world I was excited to experience their life for a week and gain a better understanding of the effort that it takes to organize and travel. The welcome at the base was very friendly an the facilities excellent. I wasn’t expecting electricity for one thing and the fan is a godsend to keep you cool at night and to drown out the goats and chickens. We were working on a storm drain for the week to ensure the rain water does not wash the school away. It was hot and hard work with digging and mixing concrete but despite the sweat it was rewarding to see the finished article and know it could save the school. I can honestly say that the local people that we worked with were knowledgable and patient with us. We could not have asked for more..” – February 2018

Richard Burges, 32, Business Development, Ipswich
“The call from Neil from Village by Village prior to our departure was a nice touch and is a perfect example of the personalized experience that village by village offer. The base is extremely comfortable and exceeded my expectations. The work we did on the storm drain was physically demanding but we were given clear instruction and managed to get finished up by lunchtime most days. The kids in the village are great and are a credit to their village. I’d highly recommend village by village to anyone considering volunteering in Africa. Their approach to the work they do here has opened my eyes to the way that the western world sees charity and volunteering. I think we all assume that giving to people in need is the solution but it’s become clear to me in this week that the village by village approach of collaborative support is the way forward. I wish village by village every success for the future and I will watch their progress in Abenta with great interest..” – February 2016

Duncan Lewis, 19, Student England
“Working on the building site and coaching football has allowed me to build genuine relationships with a warm and welcoming community. Whilst it is hard work and at times you really feel challenged, the experience is one I feel I have grown from and will continue to grow from. By living in the community Village by Village provides a unique insight into African culture that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of volunteering.” – July 2015

Keith Bagby, 50, Chartered Surveyor, Birmingham, England.
“Having elected to get involved in the football pitch project in ABENTA I had no idea how well it would be received locally. Arriving to find that the bulk earth move had been carried out very efficiently by the local VBV delivery team I was amazed at the turn out by the local people to carry out the stone picking and the installation of the goalposts. The day of the opening of the facility had a carnival feel and taking part in the game gave me a new appreciation of African endurance in the baking heat. The icing on the cake was watching the girls team play a game which will greatly assist the girl empowerment programme locally. My experience here with the hugely committed VBV team has reinforced my existing position that people with privilege should help those with less (and in many cases none) and I head back to the UK determined to raise more sponsorship of thousand other projects here in Ghana. Thank you for your hospitality and here’s to a better future for the children of Ghana.” – February 2016

Steve Holt, 49, Royal Navy, Portsmouth, England.
“I came to Abenta having a good understanding of what to expect by viewing the VbyV website. Nevertheless, the warmth of the reception by the villagers and the VbyV staff was amazing and set the tone for an highly rewarding and challenging experience. The VbyV organization is very professional and totally focused on the mission of reducing suffering of children. During my short time with the charity I saw the tangible positive impact they are making in difficult circumstances. I having nothing but praise for VbyV and I highly commend them.” – February 2016

Ian Roberts, 39 Insurance Broker for Charity Workers, Ipswich, UK.
“Just a short trip but have managed to squeeze in so much thanks to Village by Village. Enjoyed finishing the storm drain which will protect the school buildings when the rains arrive. My memories of Ghana and the people here will stay with me forever” – February 2016

Courtney Maher, 22, MSW Candidate at The University of Michigan
“My four weeks spend volunteering with Village by Village were met
with unwavering amounts of support and smiling faces. I came wanting
nothing but to be completely immersed in a culture so different from
my own and Village by Village had provided me with not only an
opportunity to get my hands dirty, but a month where I became a part
of this beautiful community. I have been able to challenge my Western
ways in an educational way that has allowed for no question to be off
limits. With the support of Village by Village, I have been able to
truly make the journey to Ghana my own. Along with my suitcase, I will
take away powerful memories and a different way of viewing the world,
two things of which I will value most. If there are any reservations
with regards to volunteering with Village by Village, don’t think;
make the leap. This is the opportunity that will provide an ample
amount of enriching experiences that you will carry for the rest of
your life. Indulge yourself” – July 2015

Emily Baker, 18, Student, Ontario, Canada.
“Volunteering with Village By Village was definitely, as corny as it
sounds, a life changing experience. I was challenged in ways I would
have never been and my perspective and appreciation for my life in
Canada has been incredibly altered. Helping build the new base has
proven to be the best form of exhaustion one could ever feel. If you
have any doubts or fears about doing this project, put them aside and
do it. Definitely worth it!” – June 2015

Liam Taylor, 19, Events Management Assistant, London
“The past 2 months that I have spent in Ghana have been incredible. I have enjoyed myself from day one. The thing that struck me the most was the people. I will miss them all very much and nothing will be able to replace the friends that I have made since being here. The work was challenging at times, but with all the team around you to have a laugh with and spur you on. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be returning in a few years time to see how things have progressed and I’m sure, that by then, the progression will be huge.” – March 2015

Bronwen Wilkinson, 35, Accountant, England
A great opportunity to live and work in a rural community in Ghana, whilst observing the day-to-day activities of a small charity which is flexible and adapts to the needs of the villages in which it works. – February 2015

Eimear Donnelly, 18, Gap Year Student, Ireland
“My experience in Gboloo Kofi was unforgettable. Volunteering was something I have always wanted to do and village by village was a perfect choice, I really like how its based in such a small safe village which allows you to create relationships that will never leave you. Most definitely recommend it to anyone thinking if volunteering in Africa.” – February 2015

Dot Salmon, 59, Archivist, North Yorkshire UK.
“A brilliant holiday with a difference. As long as you are prepared to get involved, work hard and accept that things are not as they are at home, you will go back with good memories that will last a lifetime. ” – November 2014

Riona Lofthouse, 18, Gap Year Student, Ireland
“I have always wanted to volunteer in Africa and this was the perfect time to do as I am on a gap year. When we first arrived, I was shocked by how much village by village was involved in the community. They understood how live as one of the villagers and not to be seen as above the community. We were immediately welcomed into the village by all the locals. Through out my time I noticed how safe the village was and so I slept outside for a few nights. It is a small charity but that means they have developed strong relationships with people which bigger charities would not be able to do. I had originally signed up for childcare however I would like to be a teacher and I was amazed how much flexibility we were given as I could go into different classes to teach. I am so glad that being with village by village was my first time volunteering abroad because they do so much for the community and they stick to their values. My time spent in Ghana was made so much better due to Brendan and Neill and all the people in the community and I would love to return in a few years to see everyone again.” – February 2015

Sarah Hebdon, 18, Sales Assistant, Liverpool
“I did three months of film and photography and had a great time! The village is a really nice place to stay and the people who live there are so friendly and make you feel welcome. I’ve made friends who I will miss in the village. Village by village have been great and have given lots of help and support while I have been here. I have really enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend village by village and also Ghana!” – December 2014

Kevin Klein, 33, Political Consultant, Dallas, USA
“I had an absolutely amazing time volunteering with Village by Village in a small remote village in Ghana. Having the opportunity to live in such close proximity to the people you are working with adds a truly unique aspect to this experience. ” – November 2014

Jo Dedhar, 25, Linguist,  Switzerland
“Village by Village has been a fantastic experience – I really felt part of the community in Gboloo Kofi and appreciated how flexible the projects were.” – November 2014

Paige Brooks, 19, Student Gloucester
“This trip has enabled me to challenge myself both physically and mentally in a safe environment where I can experience a different culture. It has been a humbling and eye-opening trip for me that I will always remember. ” – November 2014

Ashley McLachlan, 30, Nursery Nurse, Edinburgh:
“Well what can I say! Volunteering in the small village of gboloo Kofi in Ghana has been an amazing experience. From the first minute you arrive in the village you will feel so welcome and get a sense of happiness. All the volunteers got on so well and lots of fun and laughter was had. I am very sad to be leaving after only 2 weeks but felt I have achieved and experieced so much in that short time. The toilets aren’t as bad as you think! – July 2014”

Maggie Guo, 18, Student, Beijing:
“14 days in this Village changed my life.” – July 2014

Hannah Kingsman, 22, Student, Ramsgate:
“Volunteering with Village by Village for a month has been the most rewarding, worthwhile experience which I will never forget. Being such a small charity, it enables you to gain the most out of your time working in the villages it supports, and you will find that you make real bonds with the local community, as well as with other volunteers. All in all – if you’re thinking of coming to Ghana to volunteer with a charity, it doesn’t get much better than this!” – July 2014

Sue, 56, HR Professional, London:
“I was lucky enough to take a couple of trips away from base to explore Ghana. The Project Leader was very flexible in letting me take time away from the building project which was great. I felt safe travelling on my own and took local buses which was fun. Cape Coast, top of Ghana’s must see places.” – March 2014

Jack Snoddy, 23, Civil Servant, Manchester:
“The last 6 weeks have without a doubt been some of the best of my life thus far. I am still taken aback by the friendliness of the Ghanahian people. I have been able to teach English to two classes, help build a water-but, help with building the school in Abenta, and coach the boys in Gboloo….you should seriously consider getting out to Ghana to help Brendan with the amazing work he is doing. Leaving Gboloo will not be easy as I have developed some close friendships within the community, both in the school and on the football pitch, but it has only inspired me to do more charity work.” – June 2014

Simon Andrew, 32 Marketing Manager, UK:
“Beautiful country, beautiful people, and an awesome charity that’s at the heart of the community. If you’re thinking about coming out to Ghana to help – just do it, you’ll have an amazing time. Just don’t forget to pack the nutella.” – June 2014

Tim Rolfe, Student, 20, Salisbury:
“My 4 weeks in Ghana has been unlike any other month I have experienced. The friendliness of both locals and volunteers alike meant settling in was an easy process and the flexibility of the project has allowed me to explore an amazing country. It has been great being part of the first group to work in Abenta as this challenge has meant I have been able to witness real differences the project is making.” – June 2014

Andrew keiller, 24, Investment Management, Edinburgh:
“This has been a brilliant way to spend two weeks of my summer. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, fantastic children and work with a fantastic charity. Highlights included my first ever African football game, teaching the kids football in the ‘tiki taka’ passing style, as well as trying to control the kindergarten in the mornings! The work that the charity is doing is having a huge impact on the children here. Long may it continue, across several villages in years to come.” – July 2014

Rachel Swafford, 25, Teacher, Tennessee:
“My time here in Ghana with Village by Village has been phenomenal. The small group meant I got one on one advice and support from both the charity and the people in the villages. I taught in Abenta and stayed in a family home in Gboloo Kofi for only two weeks. I highly recommend not only coming to Ghana to live and work, but staying for longer because two weeks simply wasn’t enough!” – June 2014

Sasha Culpin, 19, Oxford, Student:
“Volunteering with village by village was epic. They are an absolutely fantastic charity and make a real difference in the villages they work with. I came to Ghana to do four weeks of childcare but the flexabilty of Village by Village allowed me to work in a maths class and thus making a larger impact on the young people of Gboloo Kofi. I would highly recommend a volunteering trip to Ghana, everyone is incredibly welcoming and the experience is mind-blowing.” June 2014

Llinos Emanuel, 20, Student, Wales:
“Volunteering with Village by Village for the past month has been the most incredible experience. Working with some of the poorest, yet happiest people I have ever met has really given me a new perspective on life. Although a small charity, the difference Village by Village makes is phenomenal and I can’t recommend them enough.”- June 2014

Adam Powell, 22, Student, Essex:
“Having lived in Gboloo Kofi for 4 weeks, I have met some of the happiest people I could ever hope to meet, this is very much thanks to the presence of Village by Village and their continued support of the school and community as a whole. I can comfortably say that the past month has been the most interesting and rewarding to date, and it will certainly be hard to top!” – June 2014

India Gillett, 19, Student, London:
“My experience with Village by Village has been one of the best of my life. The small size of the village means that you settle in really quickly and it feels like home within a few days. The locals are unbelievably welcoming, some of the friendliest people I have ever met, which creates a really safe atmosphere. Working in childcare was tiring at times, but incredibly rewarding as the children were all so receptive. The only negative aspect of my time here is that it wasn’t long enough!” – June 2014

Rebecca Krol, 19, Student, London:
“Volunteering in Gboloo Kofi in the nursery with Village by Village has definately been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life! The atmosphere in the village is incredible and you can really see how the charity has helped this community grow and develop. I think that the fact that the charity is so small makes your time there so much more special because you can really see how you are impacting the children’s lives on a daily basis through getting to know them individually and building relstionships. Also with such a small team working for the charity you can really see how they immerse themselves into the village life to help the community as an equal and a friend. I will definitely be recommending this charity to any friends who are considering setting up a donation or wanting to do volunteering as throughout my whole time there was no time where I felt unsafe or unsatisfied and I have seen first hand how great Village by Village is in helping communities in Africa.” – June 2014

Emma Cotterell, 20, Care Support, Portsmouth:
“Coming back for the second time for two weeks has been very refreshing and welcoming; like coming back to a second home. It has been lovely to see everyone again.” – June 2014

Michael Peet, 24, Waiter, Rugby:
“I’ve really enjoyed my time in gboloo Kofi. You can see how much this small charity makes a BIG difference with the community. Not just building schools but getting involved with the local lads and providing them with skills and qualifications. I genuinely admire the work of this charity.” – June 2014

Kate Brown, 21, Waitress, Portsmouth:”
“It was so amazing to return this small but incredible charity which does the most fantastic work! It is definitley my second home and can’t wait to come back to see all the cheeky children and the brilliant villagers.” June 2014

Madison Cockram 21, Hairdresser, Australian:
“Volunteering with Village by Village has been the best experience of my life, I was welcomed with open arms and have felt like part of a massive family from day one, I have met some of the most genuine, kind hearted people, fallen in love with them and beautiful kids a million times over, this is certainly not the end of this wonderful journey.” – May 2014

Harry Wood, 21, Unemployed, Nottingham:
“Some of the best moments of my life. If you are on the fence about coming to Ghana with village by village then just take the chance and come, you won’t regret it. The people you will meet will stay with you forever. 10/10” – May 2014

Stephanie Gordon, 25, Video Producer, Glasgow:
“I am barely off the plane and already I am missing the people I’ve spent an amazing two weeks with in Ghana. Village by Village and everyone in Gbloo Kofi were so welcoming and provided me with a a fabulous experience that I will always treasure. Not only is the charity flexible in terms of projects you want to help out with but they also make you feel at home. I can definitely say that no matter how long you go for, you will always want to stay that little bit longer.” – May 2014

Debbie Smallwood 30. Travel agent. South Africa
“Here are a few village life truths. You will sweat profusely, you will get bitten by a million insects, you will miss some home comforts and you will no doubt be frustrated with many things but despite all this you will forget all these things when you see the first smiling face in the morning or when your heart melts at a little child’s giggle. Whether you are building a school or a child’s future you will be sad to leave because the people of this village will creep into your heart and stay with you forever. Before you know it nothing else matters but the lives of the people here in a village they call Gbloo Kofi.” – May 2014

Martyn, 29, Builder, Nottingham”
“It has been a fantastic and worthwhile visit to a remarkable country. Many of these eye opening experiences will remain in my thoughts throughout the rest of my life.
I am pleased to have played a small part in the amazing work carried out here by the charity. I have particularly enjoyed the flexibility of the tasks. The opportunity to get involved in building, teaching, coaching and activities with the children. I hope that Village By Village continue to send brilliant volunteers here, like the ones I have met during my 4 week stay.”

Hanna, 21, Student, Sweden:
“These weeks have been fantastic. Living in a small rural village really make you get to know how different peoples lives are in different parts of the world, but also how similar we all are. The flexibility of work tasks and meeting other volunteers were also a part of how it ended up being so good.” – March 2014

Elsa, 21, Student, Sweden:
“I really enjoyed the time I had in the village. Its really flexible with what you can do here, which I liked. And the way this charity works is really impressive! I am really grateful for having got the opportunity to experience this, and I really recommend it!” – March 2014

Ali, 29, Immigration Compliance Manager from Edinburgh:
“I absolutely loved my time spent in Ghana volunteering with Village by Village. The locals are so friendly and very welcoming. I chose to work mainly on the building site, helping to build a school in a new village, however what’s great about village by village was that they were really accommodating and flexible – allowing me to also experience baby weighing and childcare. The work on the building site was really challenging and without a doubt one of the best experiences I’ve ever had being able to work so closely with the locals who are going to benefit from all our work for years to come.” – November 2013

Tom Huitson, 31, GP, Doctor from London:
“Working in the community’s health clinic was a great learning experience and one that I will always remember. Playing sports with the kids will be one of my lasting memories, Village by Village is a small charity doing some amazing things and have created this safe haven for volunteers and they really make a difference to the lives of African children living in poverty.” – February 2013

Angela Jameson, 62, Retired Teacher from Scottish Borders:
“The children are an inspiration, full of energy and joy.A really positive experience, first time volunteering and first visit to Africa. Very welcoming and friendly people. Lots of flexibility to plan activities. The charity is working with the villagers , giving them opportunity for independence and sustainable living. Had a great time, helped by being with a lovely group of people” – December 2013

Emily Wilson, 31, Doctor from London:
“I can’t think of a better place to have volunteered. The community and all the people I have met along the way have been so welcoming and friendly. I have worked in the clinic, the school and on the building site and have learnt so much from them all. An experience of “fine calibre!” – December 2013

Katie Brown, 20, Waitress from Portsmouth: 
“I had such a fantastic time here the village is so welcoming and the children are lovely. Was amazing working in the nursery for 4 weeks but very challenging at times but the help was desperately needed. Overall this is an amazing small charity doing incredible life changing things and was a privilege to be a part of it” – December 2013

James Johnson, 24, Finance, Cleveland:
“Ghana is a very safe, welcoming and accommodating country and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Village by villages flexible approach to their programs allowed me to work on both the building site, whilst also allowing me to participate in football coaching etc. Which I am grateful for. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. Eye opening, challenging and a great laugh. An unbelievable experience, led by a truly inspiring man.” – October 2013

Emma Cotterell, 20, Waitress from Portsmouth: 
“It has felt like home. The children are cheeky sweet and fun. There is never a dull moment here. The project is flexible we can chose how we spend our time. I would like to come back again” – December 2013

William Lovell, 21, Mechanical Engineering Student:
“Had a great 8 weeks in Ghana working with the locals on site and the opportunity to do sports coaching, teaching, a bit of everything, experiencing what amazing, fun people Ghanaians are and just how worthy a cause it is.” – August 2013

Joanne Hlaiyel, 47, Housewife from Jordan: 
“Humbling, safe experience, working with this amazing small charity in Ghana. Beautiful, safe surroundings and beautiful people. Very worthwhile!” – July 2013

Charlie Pavior, 18, Student from Bicester nr Oxford
“After speaking to volunteers around Ghana I realise I hit gold with village by village! I’ve never felt more welcome and safe than my time in Ghana and the hard work with this small charity and the locals is very rewarding! I’ll definitely be visiting Gboloo Kofi again in a few years!” – August 2013

Jennie Graves, 29, Nurse, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA 
“Village by Village afforded me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. This organisation offers individuals the flexibility to work in a variety of settings, including healthcare, education and development. I will forever remember these fantastic experiences and the people of Ghana!”  – October 2013

Bridget Geck, 24, Nurse, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
“Returning to Ghana and Gboloo Kofi has been one of the most rewarding experiences. Village by Village has once again made me feel at home, and provided so many opportunities to immerse myself in Ghanaian life and help those living in poverty. I know that I will be returning to this beautiful, safe and welcoming country to provide health services in the future.” – October 2013

Lexi Ann, 22, Nurse, Rochester NY, USA
“Working with village by village has given me a chance to get to work with the people of Ghana in a safe and welcoming environment. It was a genuinely amazing experience.” – October 2013

Elise Linke-Judge, 28, Nurse, Rochester, NY, USA 
“Village by village is a wonderful organisation that truly cares for the people of Ghana.  It provided me a wonderful and humbling  experience. The  organisation and the villagers were so kind and welcoming. I can’t wait to come back again soon!” – October 2013

Kayden Harris, 28, Nurse, Rochester NY, USA 
“This has been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. The people of Ghana are some if the nicest people I’ve encountered. It was a pleasure working with Brendan and the Village by Village organisation. I felt safe and well accommodated during my two week stay in Gboloo Kofi village. During the trip I have met many friends and I am excited to return and offer Ghana my services as a nurse.” – October 2013

Sarah Coxon, 25, Teacher:
“An extract from my journal ” I have never been in a place I have felt so safe. The people are AMAZING. They really go out of their way to help you.” Had an amazing month here and I am leaving a little piece of my heart with the children in the village who have the most brilliant zest of life. Loved every minute x” – August 2013

Nathan Wyatt, 22, Student
“The people in Gboloo Kofi are the most friendly and welcoming people I have ever met, the village exceeded all my expectations. Brendan was amazing at helping us settle in and have a great time. Volunteering for village by village was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.” – August 2013

Stefano Loi, 35, Trip Advisor Moderator, Sardinia, Italy:
“A very effective charity, one of the best experiences I have ever had. Absolutely rewarding and unforgetable. I recommend anyone to be a volunteer for Village by Village.I found what I was hoping for, Ghanaians are great people, positive and their culture is very fascinating.” – February 2013

Joshua Fish, 20, Builder
“Definitely the best experience of my life the people in Gboloo Kofi where great. I will definitely be coming back to help this small charity. Also very they are very flexible as you can go away traveling and doing your own thing on a weekend” – August 2013

Aaron Banks, 25, Sports Coach
“My time with Village by Village has been a short one (2 weeks) but it has been both challenging and full filing. The village is a very safe place and you quickly feel at home.” – August 2013

Sarah Carter, 28, Accountant
“Gboloo Kofi is such a safe an amazing place. You are made to feel like a family from the villagers as well as with the charity. Its such an amazing place and I will definitely come back in a few years.” – August 2013

Liam Freeguard, 25, Lecturer from South Wales
“This has been the most memorable and enjoyable 6 weeks of my life. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would experience from my time in this beautiful country, but I would recommend this charity to anyone thinking of volunteering. I felt Ghana became a home from home and I would love to return in the future to see the progress that Village by Village is making in the region. Thank you Brendan & Neil, keep up the amazing work.” – August 2013

Laura Middleton, 20, Student of film: 
“A small charity doing huge projects. An experience not to be missed”” – August 2013

Laura Voyle, 33, Communications Consultant from London:
“The people of Gboloo Kofi are so welcoming and I have learnt a huge amount about Ghanian culture in just a month. We have had the opportunity to do a bit of everything from construction work to teaching and the privilege to feel a real part of the community. It has been a the experience of a lifetime and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I will be coming back!” – February 2013

Michael Polson, 20, Economics student :
“Village by Village have given me with the 4 most rewarding weeks of my life! The main benefit of a small charity was working on such a personal level with the incredibly welcoming locals, and it was flexible enough to allow me to travel for a week around such a safe country – experiencing an entirely new culture which I will really miss!” – August 2013

Rosa Tarling, 18, Student from Chipping Sodbury : 
“This tiny charity provides such big things, a phenomenal experience: one that was safe, humbling and so priceless..” – August 2013

Kat Brown, 19, Student from London: 
“This was one of the beat decisions I have made in my life. The secure and safe environment of the village allowed me to experience African life in a way I could never have imagined.” – July 2013

Lawrence Easler, 62 – Retired Engine Manufacturer from the US:
“For those of who like a challenge in life, as I do, come to Ghana and share your knowledge ……” April 2013

Lawrence Rugeroni, 24, – Advertising Executive from Monaco:
“However long you are planning on coming, come for a lot longer. ” – April 2013

Holly, 19, Shop Assistant from Manchester:
“I built, I taught & coached sports with this amazing tiny charity that has a massive effect on the communities it reaches. No matter where we travelled to I felt safe and protected. I can’t imagine never coming back” – February 2013

Mike, 47, Builder from San Francisco:
“In one amazing day I did so many different things and as the sunset I realised it was one of the most amazing days of my life” – March 2013

Rachael 20, Makeup and skin care specialist from Manchester:
“My experience was one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of my life.being part of such a wonderful small charity who opened my eyes to things I would never of seen without the lovely team of village by village.i felt so safe throughout my entire trip and would encourage everyone to make this trip of a lifetime. – February 2013

Molly 19, Training Chef from The Lake District
“This small charity is within a safe village where you feel comfortable walking around on your own. You get opportunities to go into the local markets and to see the other villages the charity are helping. Overall this experience has been amazing the children are lovely and the group I was with were such a great group it could have not been better.” – February 2013

Abbie 18, Media Student from London
“A small charity that brings people from all backgrounds together to help communities. I feel safer walking around the village at night than I do my local town. Every day is different with new jobs for the charity and new ways to bond with people and form some really great relationships. A brilliant charity focusing on the adorable children of tomorrow!” – November 2012

Kevin Chan 21, Student from London
“It was an amazing experience that will stay with me all my life. If you ever consider a trip to Ghana, Village by Village has to be the first charity of your choice.” – August 2010