Volunteer Story

Issac Plunkett

Dates: 8/7/23 16/7/23
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Coaching the football team was one of the highlights of my trip, and I especially enjoyed watching one of their matches on my final day in the village. It was great to see the progress made by the team, as well as their contagious enthusiasm for the sport.

Another stand-out moment for me was visiting the Boti Waterfalls on one of our weekends off. They were stunning, and it was nice to get out of the village and see some of the surrounding landscape. I also enjoyed visiting the local market where we tried traditional food, bought handmade gifts, and experienced Ghana’s culture. The charity workers took us to the market and ensured we felt safe and comfortable throughout the whole trip, making sure that we had the best experience possible!

I found that this experience has provided me with a different viewpoint on a way of living, as well as new life skills for me to use in the future. It has allowed me to experience life without all of the privileges and advantages that we are lucky enough to benefit from at home. This experience has shown me the importance of not taking for granted of what I have or the people around me, as well as providing me with the ability to make the most of what I am given.

The lovely locals and staff made sure to welcome us into their village with smiles and generosity!

The ADVENTURE starts here!

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Be part of the solution not just another well-intentioned young person with a white saviour complex!

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