Donor Story

Dave Rutherford

Dave sitting by the old Village by Village logo in shorts, a white tee, and a wide brimmed hat

Founder of You Can Africa, Dave Rutherford has supported several projects in Ghana.

Dave came out to see the impact his donation has made. Seeing the children and the families in their rural setting and actually how difficult life is had a profound impact.

Watch Dave explain why he supports Village by Village below.

Village by Village is a cost-effective charity because the impact they're making is absolutely incredible. It's unbelievable what's been done with the money allocated to Village by Village. I'm extremely happy with how it's been spent where it's going. If you're thinking of where to put your money I couldn't recommend supporting village by village enough, absolutely fabulous!

Since 2006 we have helped over 30,000 people living in poverty

Projects We've built

Schools, preschools & libraries

Wells, rain water harvesting projects, and boreholes

Health clinics

Toilet projects with hand washing programmes

Projects we've run 

Scholarships for children to educate their way out of poverty

Teach2Teach sessions

Villages reached

Girl empowerment projects

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