Make a big impact with your CSR programme

Help us empower communities by providing education, clean water, and hope

Save lives, make more money, keep the best talent

Call it what you like: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, sustainable responsible business or responsible business, once you have given to a charity that is normally it.

We have the tools, premises and staff to make a real connection with your staff and customers to develop and establish new patterns of corporate behaviour that will be embedded in your organisation. This is not some idle boast, we have already demonstrated our ability to work successflly with an array of international companies including Vodafone, Diageo & Key Travel.

Shouting from the hilltops

“We are working together for the benefit of those in need”.

We can do this by using our strong social media platforms and our website to tell the world of your good deeds.

  • Engage with your staff to reinforce your values as a company with a strong CSR programme.
  • Wonderful PR – Enhance your brand reputation and appeal to investors and customers.
  • Decrease staff turnover and increase how attractive you look to potential employees.

Make a BIG impact by funding an entire project

Here are just a few of the life-changing projects you can fund. Reach out to us for more information about project impact, provision and costs.


Clean hands saves lives project

Up to 8,400 children provided with facilities and taught the importance of hand-washing with soap, providing behavioural change for a longer-term impact.

CHSL project in one village £5,552

Early years feeding and education project

Our "Early Years Feeding” program is nothing short of a lifeline for the most vulnerable - children under the age of 4 in remote rural villages.

It's a mission fueled by compassion, driven by necessity, and empowered by your support.

One year programme £12,279

Build a school or health clinic

Educating children increases economic growth, promotes gender equality, improves health, and enhances social development.  

Provide a way out of entrenched poverty through education and early health interventions.

From £24,738 per project

Bring your staff to West Africa

Motivate and engage your staff while generating wonderful PR and demonstrating your commitment to CSR.

This trip is a team-building opportunity that will never be forgotten.

From £999 per person


The pandemic closed schools and disrupted education for many rural African children.

Free literacy and numeracy educational games on low-cost tablets can overcome the challenges of all the schooling they missed.

Tech and support for one village £1,032

Girl empowerment project

In West Africa women and young girls who menstruate live without access to the safe sanitary products they need. They live in societies that perpetuate untrue taboos and misleading myths, missing school and putting their health and safety at risk.

Support us to educate and inform the girls and their communities

Project in one village £3,893

Are you ready to change the lives of thousands of children with your CSR programme?

To start making a difference to children in Africa or request more information contact our CEO Neil Kerfoot

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