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Michael sitting next to a tin wall in his work clothes

Michael is a husband and father to two kids. He lives in Gholoo-Kofi. Michael is also an experienced builder. He and his three colleagues have worked with Village by Village for 11 years. They are currently constructing the new Clinic in Aboabo, their 10th building project for the charity. Michael describes what this work means to his family, his business, and why he’s excited about this latest build.

Since 2006 Village by Village has built five Primary School Blocks, five Creches, four Clinics, and four Junior High Schools. And since 2012 Michael and his team have been involved with most of these projects, often working alongside the charity’s employees and volunteers.

Michael is particularly passionate about this new Clinic with its ward, office, storage space, and dispensary. All too often he’s seen women in labour attempting to get as far as Adowso for medical help, travelling by motorbike on almost impassable roads.

Contract work can be unpredictable. It’s good to have regular work with Village by Village, to be on their roster. It’s a relief really. This work means a lot to me and my family. It’s great working with volunteers. Meeting people from other countries is such an interesting, positive and uplifting experience. Volunteers can really make a big impact here. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go. I am in no doubt that having a primary Clinic in Aboabo will save lives.

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