Volunteer Story

Ciaran Walsh

Dates: 8/1/22 16/2/22
Nationality: Irish
Age: 18

At the beginning, I had no idea what to expect. But after meeting the friendly local VbyV team we settled right in. 

We spend each day fully immersed within the community and schools, constructing water harvesting stations. This work was challenging but highly rewarding. 

We spent our afternoons playing football, attending local events, visiting some locals and exploring the area. 

By the end of our trip we had joined the local football team, become members of Sunday Service, and even got to attend a funeral. 

These new friends and memories will stay with me forever, I can’t thank you guys enough. 

Volunteering in Construction with Village By Village was a dream come true.

The ADVENTURE starts here!

Break the ice and make contact, we love chatting with volunteers to see if they have what it takes to make a difference, or they are willing to learn.

Be part of the solution not just another well-intentioned young person with a white saviour complex!

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