Building a better future for children in Abenta

Help us empower communities by providing education, clean water, and hope

Life can be so unfair

Growing up as a child in poverty in the village of Abenta, Ghana is a profoundly tough and heart-wrenching experience. While each child’s journey is unique, there are common struggles that too many children face:


An uncertain future

With poor employment prospects, limited access to higher education would cloud the hopes and aspirations or anyone.


Limited Access to Education

Schools that lack basic resources, suffer from overcrowding, and face long, grueling journeys to reach their classrooms.


Massive Healthcare Hurdles

Access to healthcare is a luxury they can ill afford. Basic medical care might be out of their reach, leaving them vulnerable to preventable illnesses and suffering.


Childhood Labor

Economic desperation may thrust many into child labour. Instead of attending school, they toil long hours in unsafe environments.

By improving education, healthcare, water access, and hygiene, you can lay the foundation for long-term poverty alleviation and bring a brighter future to so many deserving children.

Some of the ways we support Abenta

Through education, clean water, health initiatives, and sustainable development projects, we offer a glimmer of hope. We empower these children to rise above their circumstances, to dream bigger, and to rewrite their stories.



Education is the most powerful and effective way to address global poverty. In Ghana, education is free up to the age of 18, but to attend school you need shoes and a uniform. We work with the local Head Masters and village Chiefs to identify those families in the greatest need and provide shoes, books, pencils, bags, belts and a uniform.
Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Each project begins in partnership with: the Ghanaian Health Service, the Education service, selected schools, their PTA and staff teams, and our team of Ghanaian builders. Once the areas and specific schools in most need have been identified by the Department of Education, the Village by Village team start by providing the facilities needed for hand-washing to take place.

In a Nutshell

Our impact in Abenta, Ghana

The whole school and parts of the village have been transformed. Other charities have seen the transformation and are now also working in the community.

There are now several wells in the village that provide clean drinking water, reducing sickness and suffering.

In a recent surveys, 89% of children living in Abenta now wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating food.

Since 2006 we have helped over 30,000 people living in poverty

Projects We've built

Schools, preschools & libraries

Wells, rain water harvesting projects, and boreholes

Health clinics

Toilet projects with hand washing programmes

Projects we've run 

Scholarships for children to educate their way out of poverty

Teach2Teach sessions

Villages reached

Girl empowerment projects

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