Welcome to Team Manuela and THANK YOU for your support

As a regular monthly donor, you are now a proud member of the select “Team Manuela”. This means you receive access to three exclusive videos a year presented by Manuela herself, live from the village of Gboloo Kofi, Ghana West Africa, giving you the latest gossip in the village along with updates and photos. We will be in contact with you by email when we next upload a video.

This is a great opportunity for you to maintain a relationship with the village. Also a great opportunity for you to see Manuela growing up over the years as she blossoms into a young proud African woman as she will be hosting these videos! The first few years will be hard work and she might be a bit monosyllabic but as the years roll by we think she will be a force to be reckoned with in the village and on whatever career path she selects.

Manuela is a headstrong 9-year-old who lives in poverty in a petty normal, remote rural African village without electricity or piped running water, called Gboloo Kofi. We recognise this little girl, who is so full of life and personality represents the 1000’s of children we want to reach. Your donation is not just helping Manuela, but hundreds of other children like her in Ghana who may not have some of the basic things in life that we can easily take for granted.

We are asking you as a friend of the village to continue your support for our charity regularly by donating monthly. This means we can employ local people long term and reduce suffering amongst children living in poverty. One way we can say thank you is to let you have a peek into the life of a very lovely little African girl’s life as she is growing up.

If you would like to see more of our videos have a look at our You Tube Channel