School Hygiene Assessment Program – SHAP (Result as of April 17)

Ranking School Status
Score (320) %
1 Kukua R/C Primary Excellent 310 97
2 Amede Presby Excellent 300 94
3 Akorabo Methodist OK 265 83
4 Akorabo M/A JHS OK 255 80
5 Apau Wawase D/A School OK 255 80
6 Tinkong M/A School Poor 235 73
7 Akorabo Islamic Schools Poor 185 58
8 Zorh Primary Poor 179 56
9 Oboase Wawase D/A School Poor 166 52
10 Zorh JHS Very Poor 115 36
11 Atabui D/A School Very poor 105 33
12 Santramor No. 1 M/A Very Poor 55 17
13 Baware M/A School Very poor 45 14
14 Abenta Methodist Primary Very Poor 40 12.5
15 Pakro Nkwanta D/A School Very Poor 40 12.5
16 Gboloo Kofi M/A School Very poor 35 11

Our Mission

Is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages.

Our Approach & Methodology

We believe in living our organisational values through our behaviour. We sleep on friend’s sofas rather than stay in expensive hotels. We live in the communities we support (Including the ones without electricity or running water) rather than arriving for an afternoon in an expensive 4×4 car and then returning to a comfortable hotel. We try our hardest to build things that will lasts a very long time and we will not work with anyone we feel does not truly want to help themselves.

Using the best of the “low or no cost” web based technologies we bring donors and recipients closer together to generate better mutual transparency, understanding and therefore trust.

Our Vision

Is of a world where children born to families living in poverty in African villages do not die prematurely, have access to clean water, basic sanitation and are offered a chance for a better life through education.

One day, we hope African children do not needlessly die or suffer from preventable diseases that we in the wealthier Northern hemisphere no longer consider a threat to our children.

We want a connected educated community that sees children in poverty as vibrant, energetic, worthy kids and not as a stereotypical poverty victim as depicted in many disaster relief posters.