Improving health care in rural Ghana


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Why investing in health improves lives

Investing in health is particularly important for individuals living in poverty in rural Ghana, where access to healthcare can be challenging. Good health not only upholds a fundamental human right but also plays a pivotal role in enabling economic progress. When people in these communities have better access to healthcare services, they can work more productively, increase their earnings, save more, invest in their livelihoods, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

The challenge lies in ensuring equitable access to healthcare. Many rural areas in Ghana face barriers to obtaining essential medical services, leading to a lack of treatment or incurring debt to cover medical expenses. Prioritising access to healthcare can alleviate these burdens and empower impoverished households to break free from the cycle of poverty, while also fostering sustainable development in rural Ghana.

Ensuring access to healthcare

Overall, investing in primary health services in rural areas not only enhances the well-being of individuals but also contributes to community development, economic stability, and a brighter future for everyone involved.

Investing in primary health, especially in remote rural villages, yields several enduring benefits:


Improved Health Outcomes:

Access to primary healthcare services reduces the prevalence of preventable diseases and promotes overall health among community members.


Enhanced Productivity:

Healthy individuals can work more productively, which contributes to increased economic output and prosperity in the community.


Economic Stability:

With improved health, households are less likely to face catastrophic healthcare costs, leading to greater financial stability and resilience.


Education Opportunities:

Healthier children are more likely to attend school regularly, leading to better educational outcomes and increased opportunities for future employment.


Reduced Mortality:

Investing in health services lowers the mortality rate, ensuring that more community members live longer, more fulfilling lives.


Community Resilience:

Healthy communities are better equipped to respond to health crises and other challenges, making them more resilient.


Sustainable Development:

Improved health outcomes are integral to the long-term development of rural areas, fostering social and economic growth.



Communities with access to healthcare are more empowered to take control of their well-being and make informed decisions regarding their health.


Reduced Health Disparities:

Investment in primary health can reduce disparities in healthcare access, ensuring that vulnerable populations benefit as much as others from these services.

Health projects changing lives for children in rural Africa

Volunteering in West Africa

Volunteering in West Africa

We take around 50 volunteers a year out to West Africa. Volunteers are involved in many projects in Ghana. From building schools, health clinics, and toilet blocks, to teaching English or coaching the football team. It's a life-changing experience for our volunteers and the communities they help.
Building Information Centres

Building Information Centres

In January 2007 the footings of a 300-seater information centre were laid in the remote village of Gboloo Kofi in Ghana, Africa. Building was completed by March 2008. The centre is the source of information to all the surrounding villages bringing messages of health, hygiene, sanitation and family planning.
Building Health Clinics

Building Health Clinics

The information centre we built in January 2007, was converted into a community Health Clinic with nurse accommodation and became our first clinic build. Since then we have completed many clinics by successfully working in partnership with the Ghana Health Service, they provided the nurses and drugs whilst we build the building in collaboration with the nurses that will be using it and the communities it will serve.

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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteering will probably be one of the most worthwhile things that you ever do.

We take around 50 volunteers a year out to Africa. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Bricklayers, Mechanics, and students, all pay their own costs and raise money for the projects they work on.

We have opportunities to work on a wide range of projects that save lives and create transformational change.

Without volunteers, many projects would not exist. Discover our volunteer opportunities.

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