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Building Schools

We want Africa to be led by educated leaders. Education transforms lives. For most of Africa’s children, education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched poverty. No other investment has such a lasting effect as the education of children. We reach into the communities, we work together with the community to build the best possible building we can that will last a long time.

Village by Village concentrates its efforts on building schools in the most remote rural villages across Ghana, areas where the need is most critical, and where the impact can be truly transformational.

The Problem

In the remote rural villages of Ghana, where poverty is a daily struggle, access to quality education is a scarce commodity. The children in these communities often lack proper school infrastructure, learning materials, and dedicated educators. Many must walk long distances to overcrowded, makeshift classrooms or, worse, may not have the opportunity to attend school at all. The result is a perpetuation of the cycle of poverty through each generation.

How can Building Schools help?


Access to Education

Constructing schools in these areas opens the door to education for children who otherwise might not have had this chance.


Safe Learning Environment

These newly built schools provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning, which is crucial for an effective education.


Qualified Teachers

The presence of a proper school often attracts qualified teachers who can provide a higher standard of education to the children.


Reduced Dropout Rates

Having local schools significantly reduces dropout rates, ensuring that children stay in school longer and complete their education.



Education empowers children with knowledge, skills, and opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty that has bound their families for generations.


Health Benefits

Schools frequently incorporate health programs, ensuring that children receive vital health education that can improve their well-being.


Community Development

The construction of schools serves as a catalyst for overall community development, often leading to improved infrastructure, services, and a better quality of life for everyone.


Gender Equality

Schools promote gender equality by ensuring that both boys and girls have equal access to education, which is essential for bridging gender disparities.


Future Prosperity

Education is an investment in the future. Educated children become informed, responsible citizens who can contribute to their communities, uplift their families, and break free from the shackles of poverty.


Abenta, Aboabo, Anamenampa, Gboloo Kofi, Morso, Obom

The Impact

Building schools in remote rural villages has a profound impact on children living in poverty. It empowers them with the tools for a brighter future, offers an escape from the cycle of poverty, and contributes to the overall development of these communities. With your support, these children can realize their full potential and chart a new course for themselves and their communities.

Be part of lasting, sustainable change for children in rural Africa

Volunteer Overseas

Volunteering will probably be one of the most worthwhile things that you ever do.

We take around 50 volunteers a year out to Africa. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Bricklayers, Mechanics, and students, all pay their own costs and raise money for the projects they work on.

We have opportunities to work on a wide range of projects that save lives and create transformational change.

Without volunteers, many projects would not exist. Discover our volunteer opportunities.

Donate to a project, or fund one!

Every day, millions of children around the world face injustice and violence. Too many families are suffering needlessly.

But there is hope... Village by Village is a community-led organisation that works with children on effective, long-term solutions to fight poverty and injustice.

Make a one-off/monthly donation or fund an entire school, clinic, or transformational change project.

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Since 2006 we have helped over 30,000 people living in poverty

Projects We've built

Schools, preschools & libraries

Wells, rain water harvesting projects, and boreholes

Health clinics

Toilet projects with hand washing programmes

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Scholarships for children to educate their way out of poverty

Teach2Teach sessions

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