We know its important that you know exactly where your money is going so using low-cost or no-cost web based technologies we are trying to bring donors and recipients closer together and show donors exactly where their money is being spent. This photograph was taken on a second hand iPhone using Instagram, a smart phone app that automatically posted this photograph to the web. The Instagrate Pro plugin then stripped out the GPS location tags in the image to show the exact location the person was standing as they took the image which is now being displayed on the Google Map below. Ifttt.com then posts the photograph directly to Village by Village’s Face Book, Tumblr and Twitter news feeds. These photographs are being taken in real time, the only delay is the speed of the mobile 3G and connectivity in Ghana. This photograph is of DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS in Ghana Jobs like this do not come around very often! If you really want to make a measurable difference in the fight against poverty in remote rural villages in Africa this is the opportunity for you. We guarantee this role will test all your skills to their limits but will also be the most rewarding job you will ever have. You will lead, inspire and guide a young, dedicated, team of 10, mainly Ghanaian employees and up to 70 European, Australian and American volunteers per year. Do you have an energetic management style that will ensure our volunteers get the experience they are expecting. You will be responsible for project delivery of our water and sanitation, girl empowerment and educational construction projects. If you’re interested, send an email to the CEO neil@villagebyvillage.org.uk For more details go to villagebyvillage.org.uk/jobs

This entire website cost less than £50! … enabling us to do more with your donations. Thank you to all those who supported this websites creation.

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